Sopesitos, Guava Mojito and Vetiver

Today was Mexican day for us.  Lunch was at Pancho’s in New Milford, where we ordered huevos rancheros, tacos al pastor, quesadillas and a side order of chorizo.  Nothing exotic – but the chorizo had an usual sweet taste which the owner said was from cinnamon.

This afternoon we came across an Australian restaurant in the NoLita area but it did not pass our usual test – having a lot of people eating inside and/or waiting outside for tables.  Instead, we went to Cafe Habana on Prince Street.  We shared a refreshing guava mojito to start things off.  Then I ordered Tiacoyo De Tres Marias which was like a large corn masa tamale stuffed with goat cheese and served with black beans & sun dried tomatoes.

Marita had sopesitos, which are little corn cakes topped with black beans and a sharp, grated cheese from Michoacan, Mexico called cotija.  

Actually – just before we ate at Cafe Habana, we came across a very interesting perfume place called Le Labo, which the saleslady said was founded by two guys who studied in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world in the south of France.  We tried a number of their scents, which featured a main note  mixed with between 20 to  40 other individual notes.  They don’t give their perfumes any brand names; instead, the bottles carried the name of the main note (vetiver, bergamot, patchouli, neroli, etc) followed by the number of supporting notes and scents, i.e. Vetiver 40.

They sell a box full of 40 essential oils and scents, which is great for aspiring parfumeurs or people who just want to learn more about scents.  But at $520 for the box, it was a little too pricey.  Maybe when I retire . . .


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